Video Equipment Overload!
December 8 2023
Posted in: Video Studio
Video Equipment Overload!As we start to build our studio, we are beginning to feel the heat. This equipment is not cheap. With brands like Vinten, Cartoni, Manfroto and Leonard Chapman, how can a studio afford anything let alone everything to run a decent studio. Well, step one is EBAY. Buy used, but cheap, look for deals on equipment that was not used hard and put away wet. Find those deals where something is new in the box and ended up in some storage bin sold to the highest bidder and make low offers. Someone may have paid $500 for more
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Women's Clothing and Shoes
December 1 2023
Posted in: Video Props
Women's Clothing and Shoes in Mr Dog Poop's Prop Department As we start to build our studio we are working to build a good collection of props, clothing, jewelry, shoes for any occasion. Of course, we would need an amazon warehouse to fit everything we need. But even with limited space, it is important to have clothing and accessories available on set. Even with a limited wardrobe of a few hundred outfits in varying sizes, we will be able to create many videos ideas around certain themes. The problem with actors and actresses is that they show up in more
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Props are Not Always What they Seem
November 18 2023
Posted in: Video Props
Props are Not Always What they SeemAt Mr Dog Poop Studios we continue to build our prop and costume collection and we often buy obsolete electronics and industrial devices that will probably never be used for what they are intended. Instead, having a bunch of old electronics gives us set dressing for some unique scenes. For example the mad scientist in his basement needs shelves of devices that make him seem smart and working with tools. The modern minimalist staging in some films does not work for us. Having an empty room and a fake computer CGI generated 3D more
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Our Growing Prop Department
October 28 2023
Posted in: Video Props
More and More Props! Every day we have ideas for videos and at times, it takes months to acquire all the props we need to make a 2 minute video. By that time, we have lost interest and moved on to new videos. For example, w had an idea to make Fat Chris a fairy god mother, we got wings, a tiara and a pink tutu. He looked so cute! But the fairy god mother was going to grant wishes to Mr Dog Poop who was very angry with the neighbors for paring in his spaces. One of the more
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Expensive Video Equipment Obsession
June 17 2023
Posted in: Equipment
Expensive Video Equipment Obsession There is so much technology and so much advertising to have the right equipment for video production, most videographers are so concerned with having the right brand, right model to impress other videographers or just look the part, that they tend to forget it is better to have the best tool for the job. Especially if that tool is a cheaply made Piece of shit. I am really tired of being shamed for not having the most expensive camera. I am tired of of wannabe film makers looking down on us because they think they more
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Tuning The Creative Process
June 10 2023
Posted in: Viral Videos
Tuning The Creative Process In creating viral videos the most important part is the idea, the concept, the plot. Without that, all the cinematic shots, expensive equipment and talented actors wont mean shit. It is the foundation for the viral video and from what I have seen, most videographers lack the basic mindset to find a basis for new viral videos. While they have equipment and skills, they seem to lack the creative process or finding a medium for stimulating that process. Most people will try to think up an idea. Poof, out of thin air waiting for an more
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Practical Effects vs Special Effects
May 25 2023
Posted in: Special Effects
Practical Effects vs Special EffectsWith today's computer processing power and advanced software anyone even YouTubers can use special effects very easily. But when you are creating content or a film or a video, do you want practical effects or digital recreations? Of course, some practical effects are just to logistically intensive or cost prohibitive. But that is not the case with everything. At one time, if you wanted a super hero to fly, you hoisted the actor up on cables and moved him through a scene. But today we just plop someone down on a green screen and we more
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Hire an Expert for Staging Your Production Set
May 24 2023
Posted in: Staging Production Sets
Hire an Expert for Staging Your Production Set So you are shooting a film about an inventor that is designing a time machine. Seems simple right? But what do you know about time travel? Nothing? More importantly, what do you know about building a time machine? Do you know what kind of tools it takes to solder wires together? Bend steel or weld? Far too often I see a complex project like a vintage time machine, with electronics, mechanical gears and moving parts and the set is a bunch of craft building items, glue gun, stryofoam, scissors and maybe more
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Tools, Equipment and Resources for Tampa Film Making
May 16 2023
Posted in: Filming Resources
Tools, Equipment and Resources for Tampa Film MakingMr Dog Poop Studios born from an idea to pick up dog poop in back yards, then expanding to DNA Testing and eventually setting up a full video studio. Mr Dog poop's dream is to be the go to resource for the movie and streaming content industry. A one stop shop for all the missing parts of your production. In the short term, we offer our expanding resources to small film makers, video content creators and other studios at very low prices and even sometimes for free. While we never expect to more
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