About Mr Dog Poop Studios
Who is Mr Dog Poop?

Mr Dog Poop Inc was started in 2014 as a local dog poop clean up company that quickly transitioned into a national DNA testing lab to identify dogs from poop samples left in mutifamily communities.

When COVID hit, the shit really hit the fan, closing down leasing offices, backing up rents for a year and more than tripling the cost of lab testing supplies.

Our regular advertising was not productive and we had already worn out social media building our business. But outside of the dog poop industry, nobody knew who we were.

So we decided to take a shot at mainstream advertising by embellishing our character "Mr Dog Poop" into a grumpy old, beer drinking, foulmouthed jerk and creating content that would be more interesting to all the non dog poop customers in order to expand our brand recognition.

Well, just like everything else we have done, we got carried away and invested a fortune in video production equipment, props and even built our own studio to make the content.

All of a sudden, we found out that we were really good at video production and content creation.

So in the tradition of Mr Dog Poop's growing services, we decided to offer our video department's services as it's own business, creating content to elevate other companies social media presence.
About Mr Dog Poop Studios

We are a very small team with a modest facility for video production catering to social media and lower cost advertising platforms.

While Mr Dog Poop's Canine DNA services works with large corporations and publicly traded companies, our studio team is a bit more reserved.

We don't work with companies like Publix, Amazon, AT&T, Verizon or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But instead we work with the average Joe's like us, small mom and pop businesses, small local business that need affordable solutions for video and social media advertising.

Why don't we take on big clients? Because we don't have the time. Our primary focus is creating our own content for both social media and steaming services like Netfix, HULU, Amazon and YouTube.

That does not leave a lot of free time to take on clients. At the same time, we do like to engage with local businesses and create content for new markets.

These smaller projects are tuneups for our production team. Creating new ideas in new markets and spawning new ideas for our own content while giving us the opportunity to work with highly volatile unknowns such as your actors, your location or your inner desires that make you want something very specific but don't know how to explain it.

We have a small team, use many shortcuts to save time and money that larger production teams find unacceptable.

But we know, not everyone has a Hollywood size budget, but they also don't want to look like they made a commercial themselves on a 1980 video camera.

We create Hollowood results for as little as possible. Some videos costing just a couple hundred dollars and taking less than a day to complete.

We are trim, lean and doing things faster, cheaper and usually better than most larger companies.