Roof Repair 101

In a previous episode, mr Dog poop blew a hole in his roof and blamed it on FAT CHRIS. In this episode, Mr Dog Poop makes FAT CHRIS fix the hole, but CHRIS is only interested in eating the hot dogs on the roof (left there from the explosion in the last video). See our YouTube Channel for all of our Mr Dog Poop Unleashed Videos.
The range of content we can produce is vast. Unlike other small production companies Mr Dog Poop Studios has a serious creative advantage, telling stories, entertaining and production at levels rivaling the top film studios.

While our staff is small, our team creates unique content over and over and we get better every time.

We Use Diverse Filming Locations

We shoot inside and outside and use as much as possible to make our videos more interesting. For example tying FAT CHRIS to a boom on our forklift to get him on the roof and coupling that with special effects to make him fall through the roof back into Mr Dog Poop's office.

Or the hilarious "Stabby Ferguson" video when FAT CHRIS tries to cook his can of beans on Mr Dog Poop's Stove.

In another video we lifted FAT CHRIS into a tree with the Massey Ferguson Model 12 lawn tractor and dropped him onto a tiny sheet of bubble wrap.

At no point did we sit FAT CHRIS on a chair and make a talking head video with him talking about the boring DNA lab work he does for Mr Dog Poop.

Instead, we created viral videos with some of the videos reaching more than a million views over multiple platforms in just a few weeks.
Why Use Mr Dog Poop Studios?

We started creating viral content to promote our own Dog Poop DNA Lab.

While we already had demo videos, promotional videos, news media coverage and a huge advertising budget, most of our videos never even reached 1000 views after nearly a decade.

But as soon as we put Mr Dog Poop on his beat up old lawn tractor that barely runs, we started seeing hundreds of thousands of views in just one day.

That was more people seeing our brand in one day than we had in the last 8 years.

It is just hard to argue with those numbers and this why we have expanded our video capabilities, built a studio and invested in staffing.

We can do the same for your brand!

If you are brave enough to take the risk with us.
Keeping Up With The Trends!

Corporations need to stop thinking that having someone attractive explaining their product will entice people to watch.

Most people are getting their news from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. So you need to make content that people want to see.

It is a whole new world out there and the big advertising agencies are struggling to give you a strong return on investment.

It is time to try a fresh new approach, like we did.

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